The Remicense app helps you manage all your licenses and those of your clients. Managing all your licenses with Remicense will let you stay on top of termination dates and expirations. Using the app’s filters and report you will easily find the licenses needing renewal so you can send out quotes to your customers or renew important licenses.


One of the most important pillar stones of Remicense is security. Every bit of license information is encrypted using AES 256 bit strong state of the art encryption in every stage of work. Not a single byte is stored or communicated without being encrypted. Not even temporary data is stored unencrypted.

Share licenses with collegues or friends

Share licenses easily and securely via email with friends and collegues via the send licenses feature. The licenses you selected will be encrypted and sent to the destination where they can only be unencrypted using the password that you supply.

Keep the licenses apart using local storages or clients

Remicense makes it easy to keep your licenses apart. It’s easy to switch between storages that keep different sets of licenses. Or you can categorize licenses in a storage or assign them to a set of clients.