Remicense is coming along quite nicely

The Remicense application, which helps you remember and administer all your software licenses, is coming along quite nicely indeed. In fact, it’s rapidly nearing a first product release on Windows.

Among all the features of the application are:

  • Strong encryption to keep all your licenses secure
  • Advanced importing from Excel and other spreadsheet formats
  • Easy switching between different local license storages
  • Edit any fields of several licenses in one go
  • Attach files and emails to any license
  • Fast and simple filtering, grouping, and sorting of all your licenses
  • Tie licenses to different clients, suppliers, manufacturers, and categories
  • Print reports on expiring licenses
  • Exchange licenses with other Remicense users quickly, easily and most importantly, securely

Contact me for an online demo and your own preview copy of Remicense and get total control of all your licenses.

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